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Photographers & artists from: Russia

Gallery of Nudes
Below you can find different photographers & artists from Russia. If you are a photographer and you like to add your site to our worldmap please fill out the contact form at the bottom of this page.

..:: photographers & artists from Russia with an own gallery at Gallery-of-Nudes.com

Russia Alex-K

Alex-K is a photographer from Moscow in Russia. He started photography in the year 2000. Alex finished the International Academy of photo in Moscow.

homepage Homepage: www.photodom.com

Russia Alexander Fedorov

Alexander Fedorov from a school bench of the beginnings to take a great interest in a photo. After school within one year worked the assistant in a photolaboratory and make photos in various genres. His happy meeting with the talented manager - professional (in the past by the doctor) Andrey Bagrikov has brought the results already in short time: a final choice of a genre and organization of "Private Studio of Erotic Photo "FAV&BAV".

Russia AMBA

AMBA are the two russian photographers Angela Blank and Alex T who work in different genres - fashion, model, portfolios, wedding and more. But the most the love the artistic erotica and fine art nude photography. They work for well known erotic and mens magazines in russia, like Penthouse, Playboy, Moulin Rouge/MAX and more. AMBA tries to show not only naked body but something more, something that you can't find in your life but only in your imagination.

homepage Homepage: www.amba.ru

Russia Andrey Razoomovsky

Now here’s someone completely different. A photographer who has developed a very distinct style since the birth of digital photography. Tula, Russia based Andrey Razoomovsky received a bronze medal and worldwide recognition in the “Digital images” category on the 16th photo exhibition Trierenberg Super Circuit in Austria that defines photo perfection standards. Razoomovsky has a master’s touch on lighting and has the knack of even making a simple scene glamourous. But above all he creates interesting scenes by virtue of the stories they evoke. Through the eyes of Razoomovsky beauty and youth are splashed all over the magazines. Moreover because this man seems to have a photo fetish with liquids. If you ever need a freeze frame image of liquid flying around, just call Razoomovsky. [via topphotos4u]

homepage Homepage: www.razooma.net

Russia Egor Abramov

Russian photographer Egor Abramov (Roge) was born and has grown in the city of St.-Petersburg, the cultural capital of the country. The passion for a photo has turned over his life and his name. So the pseudonym Roge appears (the turned name Egor). Studio portrait and studio theatrical photo are the field of Egor's works. As he said the work with the person at studio was the most interesting for him. "I do not find for myself interesting to shoot lifeless objects or the nature, though I like photography of a forest and once I hope to make such works." Roge often accompanies his photos not only with names but also with texts or poems. That is not typical for the photographer however he does not insist on this status. "They say that the photographer should not speak together with a photo and that his work must speak for itself. They say that the photographer stops the moment. Speak, that a photo, it is a print of time.

homepage Homepage: www.roge.ru

Russia Igor Amelkovich

My name is Igor Amelkovich. I live in city of Chelyabinsk on Southern Ural in Russia. I was trained at the South-Ural State University on a speciality a radio engineering. In a photo seriously I am engaged from the end of 1999. In my work I use two cameras: Nikon F-60 and Hasselblad 503 CW, with a set of optics; studio equipment: Elinchrom and Marko, and scanner Nikon 8000ED. I completely control process of scanning and a printing, however I do not use digital processing, only a technical retouch, colors and curves. In a photo at me two mainstreams a landscape and the naked woman. For me the woman is the concentrated beauty of a nature. I like to photograph self-assured women, able to show the beauty.

Russia Konstantin Lelyak

My name is Konstantin Lelyak. I’m a fashion photographer, shooting mostly in the genres of girls, glamor, nudes and portraits. Shooting since 2001. I prefer to portray human sexuality and emotions. In my portfolio there are more than 3000 works.

homepage Homepage: www.lelyak.ru

Russia Vadim Rigin

Vadim Rigin is a photographer from Russia. He photographed erotic photos in fine art style for more than 15 years. Long time he cooperated with the Russian magazines for men, but the last years he published only in the Internet as it is more interesting to him.

homepage Homepage: vadim.rigin.net

Russia Victor Ivanovski

Victor Ivanovski was born in Syktyvkar, Russia in 1967. He began a serious study of photography in May of 1990. In 1993 he became a member of the Russian Union of Art Photographers. He has taught photography since 1994 and currently teachs a photography in Syktyvkar University. He photographs nudes mainly because he don't like clothing. Clothing is rarely photogenic.

Russia Yuri Afanasiev

Yuri Afanasiev is a professional photographer from Moscow, Russia. He is a member of the Union of erotic-photographers of Russia. His portfolio includes portrait, fashion, beauty and erotic photography. Yuri has been working on the field of fine art nude. He likes the shape of the female body as much as its sensual and delicate details. He works with a personal approach of classical nudes. He have grate experience for models shooting in studio and outdoor. His photo shooting slogan is "The end product just has to be good.

homepage Homepage: www.photoru.ru


..:: photographers, artists and photo studios from Russia

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