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Walter Bosque (Argentina)

gallery online since: 2008-10-05
website: www.walterbosque.com.ar
category: premium nudes
visitors: 149975
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WalterBosque-Art.com is the first latin american website of fine art photography. The photographer Walter Bosque was in General Roca, Argentine. At the moment he is living in Carlos Paz, a little tourist city, in the mountains of Cordoba Province. Photography is a way of life. The photographer lives with the passion of the next picture in his mind and dreams with the moment of taking it when he closes his eyes. That is why I never cease being a photographer, I simply let my camera rest. My artistic work intends to reflect what I feel with every image and transmit it in each of them. This way I try to reach the observer with my interpretation of the soul of the image, as if a photograph can make someone stop breathing, it is then when it becomes transcendental, unforgettable. This is why the artistic composition of my works belongs to a secondary position, being just the feeling the protagonist the message. position, being just the feeling the protagonist the message. In relation to nudes, I work with amateur models. They pose for me because they love art and they do it with passion in each photography session, facing drawbacks, long delays, hours travelling, cold or heat at times or just long walks some other times. They are the other part of this at of mine, since they give passion and effort in each photograph. My group of models is each time more numerous, since there are each time more people that like my art and would like to sit in front of my camera. The new models, before a first try, I almost always incorporate them in my works. To make photography a way of life was a hard decision that must be taken at heart, I refer to the ultimate truth on photography uttered by the master Henry Cartier-Bresson: “photography is to let, in the same line of fire the mind, the eye, and the heart.” Walter Bosque

[full-size picture views: 100114]

Walter Bosque Photography

Walter Bosque Photography

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Photography Nude Sites

Walter Bosque Photography

Walter Bosque Photography

Walter Bosque Photography

Walter Bosque Photography

Walter Bosque Photography

please visit also
Photography Nude Sites

Walter Bosque Photography

please visit also
Photography Nude Sites

Walter Bosque Photography

please visit also
Photography Nude Sites

Walter Bosque Photography

Walter Bosque Photography

please visit also
Photography Nude Sites

Walter Bosque Photography

Walter Bosque

The general process: I use Nikon reflex digital camera with 5 different lens. Retouch my images in the appropriate software at the maximum resolution, and when I need to pass it to paper, I do it through traditional chemical procces, revelando chemical photography paper, in a phtography digital laboratory. I prefer digital treatment to the traditional lab one because it allows me manipulate the picture with entire freedom and create without limits, which is not possible with the othe method. Besides I love seeing my pictures in a big size and this is the best process to do so with high quality definition. From my point of view the digital process is clearly superior to the chemical process, of course, this can only be achieved with the adequate technology. You will find on Walters Website his best erotic photo sessions updated daily. “Sensuality and feminine beauty is what I want to capture with my camera. My images shows deep glamour and the beautiful freshness of my models. I shoot them mainly in outdoor sessions where I can blend feminine beauty with natural landscapes. As light changes through the day I am there to catch glimpses of it”.

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unless approved in writing by the copyright holder.

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